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MANOEUVRES a tribute to OMD // Play Wirral Festival of Firsts in conjunction with The Friends of 6323003

Saturday 13th July 2019

wirral festival of firsts omd tribute

We are extremely pleased and privileged to announce that we will be performing a headline show as part of the Wirral Festival of Firsts week of events on Saturday 13th July 2019. The Festival is designed to showcase the talents of artists in music, theatre, art, poetry, film, writing and story telling from the area and to also give anyone else who wants, the opportunity to get involved too! 

The good people tasked with the massive job of organising the events and entertainment for the Wirral Festival of Firsts have an excellent grasp of the importance two local teenagers from way back in the 1970’s had in shaping the future of electronic and pop music – Andy McCluskey & Paul Humphreys. 2019 is a very special year as it sees the 40th anniversary of the emergence of OMD as one of the first truly innovative and exciting electronic bands as well as their first live performances. 


The organisers wanted to reflect and celebrate this along with the music of OMD from the last 40 years and kindly asked Manoeuvres to perform a show at a venue a mere stones throw away from Andy and Paul’s childhood homes. The show, booked in conjunction with the Friends of 6323003, will be performed on an outdoor stage (weather permitting) in the car park of The Railway public house, Meols which is also right across the road from the iconic phone box that Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys used as their ‘office’ in the early days of OMD. 

This phone box and the phone number associated with  it, featured in an early OMD song called Red Frame White Light and it has become a fan favourite over the years – many of whom regularly visit the phone box as part of an OMD pilgrimage to the Wirral & Liverpool. These visits to the phone box however, almost became a thing of the past when BT decommissioned and removed the box in 2017. Almost immediately after it’s removal, a small number of fans registered their objections with BT, pointing out its unique status and relevance not only to the fans of OMD but also to the Wirral as being something of a cultural landmark. 

Thankfully, BT were extremely helpful in this matter. They quickly located the phonebox and it was ultimately returned to its original position on Greenwood Road. Since then it has been renovated and looked after by a wonderful volunteer group called the Friends of 6323003. Through fundraising events, selling unique phonebox related items and many donations made by the legions of OMD fans, the ‘Friends’ have been able to ensure that the phone box has not only been restored to its former glory (with a few very special additions!) but will be regularly and lovingly maintained meaning it will be a focal point for OMD fans for many many years to come. 

omd tribute

We will be especially honoured to be able to take to the stage to perform OMD’s many hit singles along with a selection of ‘B’ sides and album tracks.

orchestral manoeuvres in the dark tribute

VENUE DETAILS // The Railway Public House

VENUE ADDRESS // 143-145 Birkenhead Rd, Birkenhead, Meols, Wirral CH47 6AA